B.A.P. MIX MAY 2009 “1984”


1984年 (ハヤカワ文庫 NV 8)

B.A.P. MIX  May  2009  ”1984″

  1. Hey Dj The Worlds Famous Supreme Team
  2. Friends Whodini
  3. Five Minutes Of Funk Whodini
  4. Hip Hop On Wax Volume 2 Kool Dj Red Alert
  5. Hip Hop On Wax Volume 1 Chuck Chillout
  6. One For The Treble (Fresh) Davy Dmx
  7. Megamix Ii (Why Is It Fresh) Grandmixer D. St
  8. Original Human Beatbox Doug E. Fresh
  9. Jailhouse Rap The Fat Boys
  10. Fresh, Fly, Wild And Bold The Cold Crush Brothers
  11. It’s Yours T La Rock And Jazzy Jay
  12. Rock Box Run-D.M.C
  13. Unity Afrika Bambaataa
  14. I Need A Beat LL Cool J


参照 :Why 1984 won’t be like 1984

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